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Roze Duizendblad (Pink Yarrow Flower Essence) 10ml.

Pink Yarrow provides protection against the emotions of people who are very close to you, e.g. family members. This protection comes from within, it helps you to let the painful things / strong emotional influences glide past you. It gives comfort to the sadness of letting go. You feel that the essence closes around you … then it goes to the inner deepest core of the aura (as it were, touching your body) and then pushes the outer aura layer further out, making the inner layer larger and stronger.

You also get more air so that the belly breathing can get going better! You literally feel the energy from the bottom of your feet rooting in the earth, which leads to a better drainage of negative energy. You can let go of your fear. You become the conductor of your own life which is very enlightening. You become quieter inside and you stay better with yourself. Ultimately, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th chakra are brought into balance. This allows you to walk your own path, your own path without others being able to influence it. When she no longer has to “poke”, she is able to open herself completely in friendship and love. You get more “real” humor, so the sharp humor disappears. The essence works on your laughing muscles. You are able to allow new impressions from the outside uninhibited. It ensures that your sharp humor is converted into humor. You are unbiased. You are able to fully open yourself to friendship and love and you no longer have to “poke”.

Final stage of adulthood completion.

Contents: 10ml.

Composition: Spring water with energetic imprint of plant vibrations with alcohol as a preservative alcohol percentage 40% v/v

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Pink Yarrow - Star Remedies Flower Remedies

 9.95 incl. VAT

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