Star Remedies flower essences

Star Remedies flower essences originate in the Netherlands, where since 1999 Madeleine and Micha Meuwessen flower essences are made from wild plants and flowers from the Netherlands and from all over the world. In addition to the traditional blossom essences, 4 essences are made from non-vegetable materials, such as semi-precious stones. For all essences, Star Remedies works towards the essences in peace and with full intention, which means that the flowers and non-plant materials can transfer their full quality into the available spring water. The Star Remedies are based on the teachings and technique of Dr. Edward Bach, however, Star Remedies goes one step further and is not limited to the 38 “Bach” essences. Key words for Star Remedies are: development, Purity and Purity. Within this category you will find all the blossom essences of Star Remedies, the workings of which are described by Madeleine herself.