pawAnimal Essences Healing Path Essences – Wild Earth – Daniel Mapel

Healing Path Essences from Wild Earth are remedies that support you on your emotional and spiritual healing journey. The Healing Path Essences provide profound support throughout each of the natural stages of our emotional healing work, and they cherish us as we transition from the darkness of our woundedness to the light of our oneness with the Divine. Each Healing Path Essence contains a special combination of the Wild Earth Animal Essences, which will make you grow in the wisdom and power of wild animals. The essences can be used individually if needed, or they can be used in a conscious progression when someone goes through the different stages of the healing process. The essences can of course be used individually at any time, without taking into account the normal sequence.
The common sequence of the Healing Path Essences is: Inner Work> Healthy Anger> Grieving Heart> Letting Go> Gratitude> True Freedom> Feeling One With God