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Discover the power of natural emotional healing with Dietmar Krämer's products! Dietmar Krämer's extensive research has led him to discover a wide range of natural products that can promote optimal emotional health and well-being. From flower remedies such as Bach Flower Remedies and Star Remedies to 38 essential oils, 38 gemstones and 38 metals, Dietmar Krämer's products offer a holistic approach to natural emotional healing. Try them today and experience the transformative power of natural emotional healing!

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Precious stones, essential oils, metals - Dietmar Krämer - CINT

Dietmar Krämer is a well-known German therapist and founder of the clinic "Sanfte Therapien", where he offers a wide range of natural health treatments, including acupuncture, herbal medicine and nutritional therapy. He is also known for his integrative approach to emotional healing, which combines Eastern and Western medicine principles to create individualized treatment plans for his patients. Krämer is a strong supporter of natural remedies and uses several flower remedies in his practice, including Bach flower remedies and star remedies. He has also discovered 38 essential oils, 38 gemstones and 12 metals that correspond to the 243 body zones he discovered through his extensive research. Krämer's approach to natural health and emotional healing is based on the concept of treating the whole person, not just the symptoms. By addressing the root cause of a health condition, he believes it is possible to restore the body's natural balance and promote optimal wellness. With more than 30 years of experience in naturopathy, Krämer is a sought-after speaker and author of several books, including 'Natural medicine for children' and 'The gentle healing power of plants'.

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