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Essential Oils

Almond oil - organic

 6.90 incl. vat

Organic almond oil Almond oil soothes, deeply nourishes and quickly absorbs into the skin. Recommended for sensitive skin. Mixes excellently with essential and essential oils, and can be used as a pure massage oil, also for babies. Contents: packaged per 100ml.

Jojoba oil 100ml. - organic

 10.00 incl. vat

Organic jojoba oil Jojoba oil softens and nourishes. Gives the skin a smooth, non-greasy feel. Mixes excellently with essential oils. Jojoba oil is very pleasant to the skin and absorbs quickly. The advantage of jojoba oil is that it is not sticky and gives a silky feeling. Jojoba oil is stable and almost non-perishable. This […]

Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used in various ways. Essential oils can be evaporated in essential oil burners, applied to clothing and linen (pay attention to the type and type of essential oil used!). It is very important to know that essential oils are in fact concentrates and are therefore not suitable for dripping on plastic or varnished surfaces. The same also applies to plastic baths. Essential oil is also nice in the bath, however, essential oil floats on water and does not mix. It is not advisable to apply essential oil purely to the skin. It is best to mix the oil with jojoba oil or almond oil.

Essential Oils
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