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Australian Bush Flower Essences

Australian Bush Flower Essences

65 Essences prepared by Ian White. Ian White, who was born into a family of herbalists, Ian White was taken by nature at a young age into the countryside to look for medicinal herbs. Not only was his mother engaged in herbal healing, his grandmother and great-grandmother were naturopaths, Ian is even the fifth generation. Australia is also a very old and relatively pure continent with a lot of nature. It is noteworthy that in Australia not only the most old plants in the world grow in proportion, but also that Australia has the largest number of flowering plants in the world. From a metaphysical point of view, Australia has always had a special way and old energy, but in recent years there has also been a tremendous new energy and vitality in this continent.The Australian Bush Essences represent the vitality and power of this unique continent and can therefore be used all over the world. The Bush Essences not only support in clarity about our life goals and dreams, but also support in courage, strength and enthusiasm to fulfill these goals and dreams.They also help us to reach a higher level of intuition, self-confidence, spirituality, creativity and pleasure. Inspired by Edward Bach, Ian White makes the Australian Bush Flower Essences. Just like Edward Bach, he uses both the Solar and cooking method. With his vast knowledge of the Australian Bush, he found more than 65 flowers.