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Animal Essences

Animal Essences

The "Wild Earth Animal Essences" are made by Daniel Mapel in the "Blue Mountains" on the outskirts of Virginia in the US. Daniel has worked as a wilderness guide in Wyoming and as a volunteer for the Peace Corps West Africa. He specializes in working with adults who have been abused during their childhood. His close personal connection with wildlife and nature led him to create the Wild Earth Animal Essences in 1995. Wild Earth Animal Essences are made during a solemn process in the wilderness that include tuning, in the spirit of the animals in question. The resulting essence contains the energy of the animal but contains no animal parts (no animals are caught or harmed in the development of this essence). When one takes an Animal Essence, our consciousness and the consciousness of the animal will interact. This interaction comes across in a soft, supportive way. Wild Earth Animal Essences are a bridge between animals and people, a tool that allows us to use the characteristics of the animals to support our own spiritual developments. Because everything in the universe is interconnected in an indivisible whole, we can directly utilize the characteristics and qualities of the wild animals by using the Animal Essences. The energies of the wild animals and the Animal Essences can support us spiritually.