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Indigo Essences

Azurite 15ml.

 14.85 incl. vat

Deep blue, with a little yellow and green. This stone resembles the world. Helps dissolve blockages caused by fears that have locked the heart. Gives you the courage to heal. For emotional support to open the heart again and let love enter and gives you back the feeling of comfort and inner peace. Releases the […]

Bubble 15ml. Indigo essences

 14.85 incl. vat

For adults this children's essence can help very sensitive beings to be in places with lots of nasty chemical smells, electricity and other things (like the supermarket) without being too bothered. For babies in mommy's tummy this essence is specially made to contribute to help babies bring a lot of energy into their mommy's tummy […]

Bubble of Love 15ml. Indigo essences

 14.85 incl. vat

This channelled essence contains elements of the ancient feminine energy of Ireland, an energy that is both compassionate and extremely strong. This essence contributes for emotional support to help us release the energies of scarcity, lack, struggle and conflict and hold within our field energies of love and ease, which are our birthright. Keeping the […]

Calcite 15ml. Indigo essences

 14.85 incl. vat

Bright, looks like a nice big dome with rainbows in it. Houses all the dreams of all children around the world. Helps to see the truth, to pierce through things and dispels cynicism. For emotional support to bring the sense of fun, wonder and innocence. Calcite creates trust so you can make friends. Calcite contributes […]

Champion 15ml. Indigo essences

 14.85 incl. vat

For emotional support when you feel bullied, rub some champion on your belly and the bullies will give up. Champion helps the child who is afraid of others and is often bullied. With Champion you experience that a shield is formed for a weakened 'solar plexus' and also help to repair the damage. Champion wants […]

Charoite 15ml. Indigo essences

 14.85 incl. vat

Deep purple color with many paths running through it. Contributes to showing you the right path through your fears to perfect peace. This essence allows you to experience a sense of security that helps soften your dependence on certain obsessive / possessed actions.

Chill 15ml. Indigo essences

 14.85 incl. vat

When you experience boiling inside, this essence contributes to a relaxed feeling, which will reduce your anger. Chill carries with it the child who is very, very angry and cannot find a way out. Chill wants us to know that by locking up the anger inside, it will not go away. Chill will help us […]

Chrysocolla-gem-silica 15ml. Indigo essences

 14.85 incl. vat

Turquoise blue surrounded by brilliant little light blue caves. Contributes to the feeling of being in the arms of a loving mother, safe and at peace. Lets you experience the safe feeling of actually saying what you actually feel. For emotional support for children who find it difficult to express themselves. Softens the aura and […]

Chrystal Series set (10 pieces) 15ml. Indigo essences

 143.00 incl. vat

Complete set with all the Chrystal Series essences. Comes in a beautiful white box. Chrystal Series consists of: Live & Let Live Bubble Dragon's Blood Easy I'm in Heaven In the Elevator Is-ness Safe Smoothie Software

Combination set (12 stuks) 15ml. Indigo essences

 165.00 incl. vat

Complete set with all Combination essences. Comes in a beautiful white box. Many adults have asked us if they can also use the essences. Of course they can. We are all children inside. We even gave 'Invisible Friend' once to a baby porcupine that had lost its mother and would not eat. Shortly after he […]

Confidence 15ml. Indigo essences

 14.85 incl. vat

When you feel nervous or panicky or if you experience having a block of metal in your belly - just rub some confidence on your belly and you won't feel a "mess" anymore. Confidence helps to emotionally support the child who does not believe in themselves. Confidence wants us to know that we are special […]

Diamond Light 15ml. Indigo essences

 14.85 incl. vat

The darkness and light of duality melts together to form a new, non-corruptible, brilliant, valuable light energy.

Dragon's blood 15ml. Indigo essences

 14.85 incl. vat

This child essence has a scary name which comes from the stone this essence is made of, namely Cinnabar (also called Dragon's Blood). Many of us feel really exhausted from all those years of therapy and processing. We feel we have no energy left to create new creative ideas in this world. This essence helps […]

easy 15ml. Indigo essences

 14.85 incl. vat

This essence came after I asked children what heaven would be like. The answer I got was "easy." Because we are in a transition period from old to new situations, it is sometimes difficult to choose which way to go. This child essence helps us with "choose easy when the choice is easy". No more […]

Eight 15ml. Indigo essences

 14.85 incl. vat

Helps us to connect with everything we have learned so far and will be learning.

Five 15ml. Indigo essences

 14.85 incl. vat

When we wonder if we are pure - Gives us the heart to go on.
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Indigo Essences

Indigo Essences are gem essences made in Ireland by Ann Callaghan and her cousins, Ben and Mica, and a spiritual team. These essences are specifically made for New Age children (indigo children), also for adults, to maintain the natural spiritual balance during this busy time.

Indigo Essences