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Star Remedies - Therapist kits

Seven Essentials - complete 10ml. set

 72.50 incl. vat

Seven Essentials - complete 10ml. set

Star Remedies set - all 55 Flower essences in dark brown wooden box

 395.00 incl. vat

Beautiful set of the Star Remedies. In this beautiful wooden box you will receive all Star Remedies - Flower essences together. All bottles contain 10 ml. This set contains all flower essences, for an overview and effects of all flowers, take a look at the individual essences.

Wooden box - For Star Remedies flower essences

 65.00 incl. vat

Beautifully handcrafted wooden box suitable exclusively for Star Remedies. 54 stock bottles fit in the wooden box. Wooden box is delivered without bottles.

Star Remedies flower essences - set

All 56 flower essences from Star Remedies in a beautiful wooden box. The Seven Essentials are supplied is a high-quality white box.

Star Remedies - Therapist kits