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Bees Brilliance

Bees Brilliance

Bees Brilliance is a skin care line that is inspired by honey bees. Our family has been working with bees for more than a century. Today we work with more than 5,000 beehives, which are located in the most pristine places in New Zealand. For more than four generations of beekeeping, our bees thrive in a pure environment, allowing them to produce unique and rich Manuka honey and bee products. We use these unique ingredients to form the core of our creations. Enjoy a skin care range made from the splendor of bees - from our family to yours.

Bees Brilliance is a natural skin care company. We strive to process the latest natural skin care ingredients so that we can continue to design and produce high-quality natural skin care products that are good for your skin and good for you. Although some ingredients may not be known, you can be confident that they have all been purchased naturally and chosen for their safe but effective properties.