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Chicory bach flower remedy - Healing Herbs

Bach Flower Remedy Chicory from Healing Herbs
For the emotional support of people with a deep-rooted need for connection and a strong family orientation, characterized by an overwhelming desire to care for their loved ones. These Chicory types show their love through acts of kindness and helpfulness, often at the expense of their own needs. They have a pronounced difficulty with being alone and strive to keep their loved ones close at all times. However, their caring stems from a deeper desire for appreciation and an underlying expectation of gratitude, which can lead to attempts to engage and influence others. Their behavior can result in moral pressure, showing that others owe them something for the care and support provided.

Family Orientation and Caring, Fear of Loneliness, Hidden Self-Interest and Moral Pressure.

10ml. or 30ml.
Contains brandy: 40% vol.
Dilution: 1 : 400 (1 drop mothertincture to 400 drops brandy)

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