Bees Brilliance

Skin Brightening Moisturising Cream 30 gr.

 37.50 incl. vat

Bees Brilliance's Skin Brightening Moisturizing Cream is a comfortable lightweight daily moisturizer with Manuka Honey and contains a unique blend of natural brightening ingredients that help replenish and retain moisture levels in the skin. The ingredients also contribute to the reduction of pigmentation spots that are or have been caused by sun damage. • Smooth […]

Skin Brightening Overnight Mask 30 ml.

 35.50 incl. vat

Unique in its kind is the Bees Brilliance's Skin Brightening Overnight Mask. Unique as a night mask is rare. This is a wonderful mask to leave on during the night, it is more intensive than a night cream and the results are impressive. The mask is like a night treatment with Manuka Honey, Peony Root […]

Skin Brightening Spot Essence 15 ml.

 38.50 incl. vat

Bees Brilliance's Skin Brightening Spot Essence is a beautiful lightweight essence that actively works to help reduce pigmentation disorders caused by sun damage, acne scars and, for example, pregnancy. New Zealand Manuka Honey this ingredient is one of nature's best humectants. Manuka honey helps draw moisture to the skin and keeps the skin hydrated and […]

Super-fruity Lip Rescue 12,5 gr.

 9.25 incl. vat

Give your lips that full, soft, youthful look with Bees Brilliance's Super-fruity Lip Rescue. A uniquely formulated and unique lip balm. This is a first for New Zealand, a natural alternative to synthetic Vaseline packed in a super chic tin. Provided with a pleasant scent that you cannot taste when you apply it to your […]
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