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Wilde Appel (Wild Apple Flower Essence) 10ml.

Wild Apple people often get stuck in fussy details. It is for neat, tidy, conscientious people who want to do everything in their life with great precision. Because of all these beautiful, Calvinistic qualities, they become a slave to all the things that they have to do very precisely. They may also have the feeling that they are not clean on the inside. You can also develop an aversion to “mental” contamination such as foul thoughts and “bad tendencies,” such as the idea that sexual intercourse is morally wrong and nasty. You find it difficult to go to a strange toilet and open the doors of the toilet with your elbows. You are afraid of bacteria. You have a horror of pimples. You find that dirty, just like sweaty feet, pets or blood. Wild Appel supported in releasing compulsive actions that so often control your life. Let you see life in the right perspective and you will no longer be disturbed by trifles.

Contents: 10ml.

Composition: Spring water with energetic imprint of plant vibrations with alcohol as a preservative alcohol percentage 40% v/v

 9.95 incl. vat

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Wild Apple - Star Remedies Flower Remedies

 9.95 incl. vat

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