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Koraalcactus (Rhipsalis Pilocarpa Flower Essence) 10ml.

Coral cactus is the fifth aura closer, the first four are Yarrow, Hosta, Turquoise and Cherry plum. This essence gives you the feeling that nothing can “disturb you” now. You feel covered with a kind of blanket, safe and yet with both feet on the ground while you feel light and airy. Coral cactus gives: “Now it is completely your time. Time for yourself. You sit down with a cup of tea and a bonbon … and nothing can bother you. ”That is the association with this essence. The essence makes you feel protected. Moreover, this essence causes the aura to roll out like a blanket and completely envelop you. You stand with both feet on the ground and at the same time you feel light and airy.

Contents: 10ml.

Composition: Spring water with energetic imprint of plant vibrations with alcohol as a preservative alcohol percentage 40% v/v

 9.95 incl. vat

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Rhipsalis Pilocarpa Star Remedies Flower Remedies

 9.95 incl. vat

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