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Kerspruim (Cherry Plum Flower Essence) 10ml.

Cherry plum people have a lot of inner unrest, the feeling of sitting on a powder keg or of being able to explode at any moment. They are afraid of losing their self-control and thereby doing something to another or themselves. The panic fear of losing all self-control that can drive you to the edge of despair disappears. You no longer have to worry about dark, negative and destructive forces at work. Cherry plum helps ensure that you are protected so that they have no hold on you. Cherry plum also helps you protect against non-identifiable influences from people. Influences that make you feel bad and difficult to put into words.

Contents: 10ml.

Composition: Spring water with energetic imprint of plant vibrations with alcohol as a preservative alcohol percentage 40% v/v

 8.25 incl. vat

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Cherry Plum - Star Remedies Flower Remedies

 8.25 incl. vat

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