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Genadekruid (Hedge Hyssop Flower Essence) 10ml.

Genadekruid people feel “victims of life” and are full of hatred or anger. The question that arises: “What have I earned all this in life”? Anger often keeps smoldering beneath the surface and the feeling of never being happy again. These people can be sensitive to rheumatism. Life is hard on her stomach. Genadekruid works as a support to actually give grace to yourself and / or others, so that you are no longer blocked by anger or any other state of mind. Those who use the essence experience it as an enormous liberation, as if there is a kind of general “grace.”

The problems are released faster with the help of Genadekruid, so that a kind of blanket falls off you. Genadekruid helps you to change your life from victim to architect.

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Hedge Hyssop - Star Remedies Flower Remedies

 9.95 incl. vat

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