Biohoney is an innovative and small family business based in Nelson, at the top of the South Island of New Zealand. Biohoney makes being small an advantage – carefully selecting only the best quality honey and ingredients.

Biohoney are real beekeepers. They appreciate bees and the vital part that they play in the ecosystem. They never test their products on animals and will never test them. When you purchase Biohoney products, you can be sure that they have carefully selected the most natural and ethically responsible ingredients available. Their goal is to make the most effective and safe products from nature’s quiet little dynamos – the honeybee.

Biohoney Edible honey products come exclusively from the South Island of New Zealand. This isolated land mass is characterized by mountains, shrubs and is sparsely populated. A perfect habitat for bees and the source of the world’s purest honey. Every Biohoney product is carefully selected by honey expert Terry Bone. A respected innovator of honey products for more than a decade. It is not unusual for one batch of Biohoney honey to be selected from 20-30 samples.

“I have been fascinated by bees for a long time and I was lucky enough to learn about them from a third-generation old-school beekeeper. This master of bees took me under his wings and gave me a love and admiration for these incredible creatures. “- Terry Bone

Biohoney Beauty is an extension of the very popular and trusted Biohoney brand. With an abundance of healing properties and years of defying vitality of natural and organic ingredients. Biohoney Beauty contains the best of nature in New Zealand. Experience Biohoney Beauty for naturally healthier and radiant skin.

Biohoney® Baby builds on the popular beauty range of Biohoney. Without fragrance and palm oil free, this Manuka honey-based baby range is formulated with only pure organic and natural ingredients to ensure the baby’s most delicate and sensitive skin. Each Biohoney baby product contains Manuka honey MGO 300+ for its unique properties and enriching plant extracts and oils to protect your baby’s skin from irritation and promote healthier skin and hair, naturally.

All Biohoney Baby products are made in New Zealand, suitable for baby’s sensitive skin and contain no fragrances, dyes, mineral oils, parabens or silicones.