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Agrimony bach flower remedy - Healing Herbs

Bach Flower Remedy Agrimony from Healing Herbs
For people who hide their difficulties and worries, inner conflicts and tormenting thoughts behind Agrimony, a mask of cheerfulness and carelessness. They want to convey a carefree, good impression to the outside world under the motto “keep smiling” and will not admit or greatly minimize their material, occupational or health problems. These friendly, cheerful and well-liked persons like to live in a harmonious pleasant environment and are extremely sensitive to conflict situations and will do everything to avoid quarrels and confrontations. To escape their worrisome thoughts or to prevent them from worrying, they engage in all kinds of activities, constantly seek the company of others or try to resort to the euphoric effect of alcohol, drugs or cigarettes.

Mental torment, secret concerns, apparent cheerfulness, bad emotions while sleeping.

10ml. or 30ml.
Contains brandy: 40% vol.
Dilution: 1 : 400 (1 drop mothertincture to 400 drops brandy)

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